HPS 345 R
HPS 345 R
HPS 345 R
HPS 345 R

HPS 345 R

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Stiga PowerWasher HPS 345 R

Motor power / Motor class 2100 Watt - Induction (220-240 V)
Max pressure  145 bar
Max rated flow 450 l/h
Max water inlet temperature 50°C
Head pump material / Pistons material Aluminium / Stainless steel
Handlebar type Telescopic with over injection
Electric cable length 5 meter 
Gun type Stiga T3 - Plastic with soft touch
High pressure hose length / material 8 m / Textile PU
Hose reel Yes
Standard lance / nozzle Extension lance T3/Adjustable and rotary nozzle
Detergent device Foam sprayer (0,4 I)
Pressure adjustment -
Accessory holder Foldable front cover
Product weight 17.4 kg

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